2017 Podcast Track Schedule

Here is the official schedule for the 2017 DragonCon Podcast Track – We hope to see you there!

Please keep in mind changes can happen!
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Friday, Sept. 1st

10:00 AM – Welcome to Night Vale
A conversation about the wildly popular podcast, which has successfully added worldwide touring & a new suite of podcasts under the “Night Vale Presents” umbrella. The stars sit down to talk about the massive success of the show & answer YOUR burning questions!
Presenters: Hal LublinMark GagliardiCecil Baldwin(M), Symphony Sanders
Fri 10:00 am;  Grand West

11:30 AM – Podcasting & New Media Track Kickoff!
Welcome to the 2017 Podcasting & New Media track! This year is jam packed with the best of educational panels, fandom, & live shows!
Presenters: Scott SiglerMike FaberCharles McFallAudrey KearnsBobby BlackwolfPanelist: Brian Dunaway
Fri 11:30 am;  Galleria 6

1:00 PM – It’s Just a Game?!? Social Contracts in Multiplayer Gaming
Join Paul & Dennis from Giant Size Team Up and Bobby & Rob from Voice of Geeks for a conversation about implied social contracts in multiplayer gaming from the table top to the video screen.
Presenters: Bobby BlackwolfRob RobertsDennis Lee Robinson, Panelist: Paul Klotz (M)
Fri 01:00 pm; Galleria 6

2:30 PM – SEO Demystified
Is SEO “He who shall not be named?”
If SEO said “I am your father,” would you drop to your death or join forces? Our podcasters explain the basics of SEO, how to implement it in the most efficient way, & currently what the trends are that work.
Presenters: Charles McFall(M), Tyra A BurtonBobby BlackwolfPanelist: B. C. DodgePanelist: Jeremy Bell, Panelist: Roberto Blake
Fri 02:30 pm;  Galleria 6;

4:00 PM – Media Production for the Web 101
Podcasters & video production experts Christian Monckeberg & Cory Miller join other pros to give you basics on producing podcasts, videocasts, corporate media, social media, & web documentaries.
Presenters: Charles McFall(M), Panelist: Christian Monckeberg, Panelist: Cory Miller, Panelist: Dorian Parks, Panelist: Cedrick Dortch, Panelist: Roberto Blake
Fri 04:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

5:30 PM – Podcasting’s Next Top Moderator!
We’re always looking for new talent, & this year we have a talent competition! We have five brand new moderators showing us their talents with some great guests. There’ll be twists & challenges from the guests to see who rises to the top!
Presenters: Charles McFall(M), Panelist: Adam Portrais, Panelist: Jesse Jackson, Panelist: Tony P. Henderson
Fri 05:30 pm;  Galleria 6

7:00 PM – Technorama/comedy4cast LIVE!
Chuck, Kreg, Clinton, & perhaps a surprise guest or two! A rare combination of original humor & fun.
Presenters: Panelist: Chuck Tomasi, Panelist: Kreg Steppe, Panelist: Clinton Alvord
Fri 07:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

8:30 PM – Film Threat Podcast LIVE! with Chris Gore
Join film pros for a comprehensive discussion of all things indie–creative financing, social media, & making an entire feature film with an iPhone. Plus a special edition of DVD-Duesday.
Presenters: Chris Gore(M)
Fri 08:30 pm;  « Centennial I;

8:30 PM – The Geek IO Show LIVE!
Last year was our premiere Dragon Con performance, & this year we are back with more shenanigans! Trivia, odd foods, comedy, & fun!
Presenters: CJ Boat(M), Rachel Kimberly
Fri 08:30 pm;  « Galleria 6;

10:00 PM – The Sex Geeks Live!
Join Amie Nisler, Jon Carr, Andy Coen, Rueben Medina, & Ed Morgan, all entertainers with different sexual backgrounds, talk about sex in the news & sex at DragonCon, and take audience questions.
Presenters: Panelist: Amie Nisler, Panelist: Jon Carr, Panelist: Andy Coen, Panelist: Rueben Medina, Panelist: Ed Morgan
Fri 10:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

11:30 PM – Scott Sigler: One for the Junkies
Podcaster & author Scott Sigler returns for more tentacles & mayhem.
Presenters: Scott Sigler(M)
Fri 11:30 pm;  Galleria 6

Saturday, Sept. 2nd

10:00 AM – Audio Drama: Past, Present, & Future
A panel discussion about the state of audio drama podcasts from early days to what lies ahead.
Presenters:  Panelist: Ellie Collins, Panelist: Jon Grilz, Panelist: Fred Greenhalgh, Panelist: Roger Chauncey, Panelist: Natalie Van Sistine
Sat 10:00 am;  Galleria 6;

11:30 AM – Fathoms Deep Podcast – LIVE!
Fathoms Deep is a Black Sails podcast for Common Room Radio. Daphne Olive & Liz Stevens analyze story, themes, & character arcs of the show. Zach McGowan joins us for the LIVE! show.
Presenters: Zach McGowanDaphne Olive(M), Elizabeth Rae Stevens
Sat 11:30 am;  A601-A602

1:00 PM – JKP Propcast
ATL nerd podcast squad Jump Kick Punch! is joined by Bill Doran of Punished Props & Harrison Krix of Volpin Props for a rip-roaring 50-minute hybrid of Nintendo rants & prop-making insights, with plenty of time leftover for your questions about either or neither.
Presenters: Panelist: Harrison Krix, Panelist: Bill Duran
Sat 01:00 pm;  A601-A602;

1:00 PM – Parsec Reunion Panel
While the Parsec Awards won’t be here at DragonCon this year we still wanted to fellowship with all who love them and are involved with the Parsecs. Come by to hear about the changes, reminisce about the past, and look to the future!
Presenter: Gary Lindros
Sat 01:00 pm; Galleria 6

2:30 PM – Getting the Word Out: Introducing Your Show to an Ever-Evolving Internet
Every year there seems to be a new social network–which means a new way to get the word out about your show. Join us for a discussion on the past, present, & future of podcast promotion.
Presenters: Justin Robert YoungCharles McFall(M), Bobby BlackwolfDennis Lee Robinson, Rob Roberts, Roberto Blake
Sat 02:30 pm;  Galleria 6;

4:00 PM – Broadcasting in New Media
J. Patrick is a radio broadcast vet of 20 years who’s been program director for iHeartRadio, Cumulus Media, & Saga Communications. J. Patrick & guests want to share many of tricks of the broadcast trade including on-air presence, choosing podcast equipment, & talent best practices.
Presenters: Chris GoreCharles McFall(M), Rob RobertsJ. PatrickPanelist: Adam Pewitt, Panelist: Mike Woodard, Panelist: Roberto Blake
Sat 04:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

5:30 PM – The Blazing Defender Report LIVE!
Travis Jones is here to show you that you can have muscles, brains, along with a huge love of everything comics!
If your existence is all about geekery – ASSEMBLE for this panel!
Presenters: Peter DavidPanelist: Travis Jones
Sat 05:30 pm;  Galleria 6

7:00 PM – JuRY Show LIVE!
A podcast wherein Justin Robert Young talks at you.
Presenters: Justin Robert Young(M)
Sat 07:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

8:30 PM – 5 Truths & a Lie – LIVE!
Hit Storytelling show and podcast where 6 genre celebrity guests tell a story from their personal lives based on a theme. The catch is, one is lying through their geeky teeth. This year’s theme: “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor: Stories of taking risks and rolling the dice”
Presenters: Matt FractionBrian D. Bradley(M), Audrey KearnsDominique Provost-ChalkleyKatherine BarrellDeric Hughes
Sat 08:30 pm;  « A601-A602

8:30 PM -Super Geeked Up: Geeky Improv LIVE!
A super-entertaining mix of fun geeky topics & zany geek-themed improv games like Superhero Sound Effects & Universal Translator! If you like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, you’ll love our geektastic shenanigans! Plus a ton of audience participation!
Presenters: Jeff Burns(M), Adam Portrais, Mikey Mason
Sat 08:30 pm;  « Galleria 6

10:00 PM – Night Attack – LIVE!
An irreverent funfest featuring unusual guests, bizarre games, & more!
Presenters: Brian Brushwood(M), Justin Robert Young
Sat 10:00 pm;  A601-A602;

Sunday, Sept. 3rd

10:00 AM – Voice with Me: Tech Talk
Want some tips on setting up a home recording studio? Kind of fuzzy on the details when it comes to equipment & software, or just plain confused? This is the panel for you! Come join us as we dish out tips & recommendations, & answer all the tech questions your heart desires.
Presenters: Mike FaberJ. PatrickDennis Lee Robinson Panelist: MK Malek, Panelist: Sean Weiland, Panelist: Hugh Morrison,
Sun 10:00 am;  Galleria 6;

11:30 AM – Preacher Podcast: A Podcast on the Hit AMC Show Preacher – LIVE!
AMC’s hit show Preacher Podcast just won the Best Fan Podcast Award. Its hosts discuss where the show’s been, where it’s going, & its relation to the comics.
Presenters: Panelist: Adam Portrais, Panelist: Sean Keenan, Panelist: Bruce Leslie, Panelist: Matt Smith
Sun 11:30 am;  Galleria 6;

1:00 PM – The Blood Crow Stories Live Show
Season 1 of this anthology series of horror stories highlights the story of the S.S. Utopia, a cruise ship in the early 1900s. Max begins his thesis on the audio diaries of the passengers & the horror they endured. An official bonus live episode of Season 1 & preview of Season 2.
Presenters: Panelist: Ellie Collins & Crew
Sun 01:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

2:30 PM – Awesome Women in New Media
Some of the best women in the new media community share their experiences, knowledge, and overall awesomeness in fandom & media creation!
Presenters: Audrey Kearns(M), Andrea CaprottiDaphne OlivePanelist: Ellie Collins, Panelist: Valerie Complex
Sun 02:30 pm;  « Crystal Ballroom;

2:30 PM – Obsessed Podcast Live: Wordplay
A live recording of the Feral Audio comedy podcast Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw. Join guests Mike Phirman & Frank Conniff for a deep dive into their obsession with comedy wordplay. Double meanings will abound!
Presenters: Frank ConniffJoseph Scrimshaw(M), Mike Phirman
Sun 02:30 pm;  « Galleria 6

4:00 PM – Geek Versus LIVE!
Tony, Casey, & Betty provide a nerd’s-eye view of pop culture & nerd news, including the latest in TV shows, movies, conventions, gaming, cosplay, & more.
Presenters: DC DouglasPanelist: Tony P Henderson, Panelist: Casey Oakes, Panelist: Betty Windsor
Sun 04:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

5:30 PM – Pokemon GO Podcast LIVE!
Yes, people are still playing this phenomenal game, & you will find out everything you’ve been missing! We are THE podcast to follow for the latest experiences, the best tips & tricks, the best community, & of course the joy of catching them all!
Presenters: Charles McFall(M), Panelist: Joseph Ard, Panelist: Brian Ibbott
Sun 05:30 pm;  Galleria 6;

7:00 PM – Join a Podcast Network: The Why, When, & How
We get asked all the time “Is it better to be an independent podcaster or to join a network?” Our panel of network heads will tell you the ins & outs of starting a network, what you should hope to get from joining a network, & when to stay independent.
Presenters: Mike FaberJustin Robert YoungCharles McFall,  Bobby BlackwolfVolunteer: Brian Dunaway
Sun 07:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

8:30 PM – Breaking the Panel
BTP tackles issues facing comic media today with passion, humor, and insight. Charles, Paul, & Chris geek out over what they love with honest thoughtful conversations about diversity, culture, & the same comic book store debates you know & love; always respectful, energetic, & hilarious!
Presenters: Charles McFall(M), Panelist: Paul Klotz, Panelist: Chris Wisdom
Sun 08:30 pm;  Galleria 6;

10:00 PM – Booze & Phasers LIVE!
Beam up & join Geek Girl Authority’s Audrey Kearns & a panel of special guests for a live podcast fueled by Romulan Ale, Tranya, & Klingon Blood Wine–and by that, we mean vodka. Come raise a glass while we drink genre & talk booze–er, we mean talk drinks & booze genre–er, just come by!
Presenters: Brian D. BradleyAudrey Kearns(M)
Sun 10:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

11:30 PM – Botched: A D&D Podcast LIVE!
A group of drunken misfits join forces to play Dungeons and Dragons. Inspired by boredom & equipped with loose morals and a questionable understanding of the rules, our heroes venture forth to explore strange new lands.
Presenters: Dennis Lee Robinson(M), Panelist: Phillip Keating, Panelist: Austin Elleffson, Panelist: Tristan Gibbon
Sun 11:30 pm;  Galleria 6;

Monday, Sept. 4th

10:00 AM – Voice with Me: Character Voices
Are you a hobbyist, amateur, or budding voice actor? Want some tips on creating voices for characters? Some acting techniques to improve your depth & range? Maybe need that little boost of confidence? Come join us for a voice over chat & Q&A!
Presenters: Panelist: M, Panelist: Sean Weiland, Panelist: Natalie Van Sistine, Panelist: Austin Elleffson, Panelist: Tristan Gibbon
Mon 10:00 am;  Galleria 6;

11:30 AM – We Got This with Mark & Hal
Hal Lublin & Mark Gagliardi (Thrilling Adventure Hour, Venture Bros., Welcome to Night Vale) co-host their podcast We Got This! Their panel of celebrity guests will settle the debates that keep you up at night. No topic is too small to be picked apart, & all answers are FINAL.
Presenters: Ken PlumeScott AdsitHal LublinMark Gagliardi(M)
Mon 11:30 am;  A601-A602

1:00 PM – Pub Songs Live: Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
Rousing songs plus a discussion of Celtic music & the Sci-Fi counterculture with Marc Gunn.
Presenters: Panelist: Mark Gunn
Mon 01:00 pm;  Galleria 6;

2:30 PM – Ask a Podcaster Anything – The Panel to End All Panels!
This is our final podcasting panel for Dragon Con 2017 here you can ask a collection of seasoned professionals ANYTHING! This is also where you give feedback directly to the track director about what you loved & what could be better for the track. It’s always a great time, come join us.
Presenters: Charles McFallBobby BlackwolfRob RobertsJ. PatrickPanelist: Brian Dunaway, Panelist: B. C. Dodge
Mon 02:30 pm;  Galleria 6;