2018 submissions will open soon!

We are getting started on planning the 2018 podcast track! Submissions will open in March of 2018. We promise to try as hard as we can to communicate the process this year as long as you promise to be patient and understand it takes months to sort through the submissions and make decisions.

We always recommend planning on coming to DragonCon if that is what you want to do and hopefully we will be able to get you a panel slot. If you wait to see if you get a panel and then try to plan to come to the con you may find that you have missed your window to get a hotel or flight.

Every year we get about three times as many submissions as we have time slots to schedule. It is a hard process of making decisions to feature newcomers, inviting headliners, getting industry pro’s, and in general keep the heart of diversity that is podcasting. On top of that the final schedule is finalized and approved by the powers that be. So while we have to have our decisions made by the end of June we do not get the ability to release the schedule until mid to late July.

What we can say is we have huge dreams for the track this year, and that the “DCPT Next Top Moderator” contest was a huge hit last year and will be featured again this year. So keep the love & passion and let’s work together to make it another awesome year.

More info coming soon!

Marvel Dragoncon Podcast Track

Welcome to the new and improving DragonCon Podcasting Track site.  We will have schedules up, links to previous years media, and more. Stay tuned and keep those panel ideas coming in!